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I make an effort every day,

To do my best to work to pray.

My effort is to try,

A verb, an action, to reach for the sky.

I try to do better, I try to behave.

I try to be kind, I try to obey.

Then a trial, a noun, comes my way.

A thing, a hardship, my path at bay.

A fight--I stumble; a hurt--I fall.

A disappointment--I drop the ball.

Trying, an adjective, it's difficult, it's hard,

To keep trying, that little verb, to be on my guard.

The Lord loves effort, the prophet said,

So I just keep trying to get out of bed.

And when I do, I look around,

Hidden treasures, wanting to be found.

A hug, a kiss, a laugh of glee,

A rainbow a reminder, all gifts for me.

Trying to do...,

I'm spent, I'm through!

But trying to see,

Is where true peace will be;

From trying to tackle life's trying trials;

Seeing the good will carry me for miles.

By Emily

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